Social Media Policy – Part 10 – Conclusion

In summary, I have found in my research that a social class=”mceItemHidden”> media policy should attempt to answer the following:

What is the organization attitude toward social media?

What is the organization definition of social media?

Should employee be able to use social media while at work?  And if so, how and how often?

Should an orgainzation encourage or discourage employees to identify themselves as employees?

Should the organization require or encourage the use of disclaimer on employees personal websites?

What level of privacy will employees be afforded?

Should the organization be concerned about employees talking about work related issues that do not directly impact their work area?

What is the consequence of misuse or violation of the policy?

However, in the end the need for a social media policy is important to help employees navigate the world of social media as it relates to the workplace.  A social media policy is also important to employers because it will help provide guidelines and a framework to be used when addressing issues involving employees’ use of such technologies.

What are your final thoughts?  Did I miss anything?

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