Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, Sleep is Optional, a title inspired by my daughter and my new sleep schedule. Beyond my daughter’s influence on the title, I do not plan on primarily focusing my blogging on fatherhood or my lack of sleep. (At least not too much). What will I write about? Well, I am a relative new comer to the social media scene so I hope to write about my experiences. I am a government employee so I also plan on writing about governments use of Web 2.0 tools (or Government 2.0). I am also a lawyer so I might write some of my musing about law related topics. Most likely, I will write about those things that I think are important, interesting, useful or all of the above. Hopefully, you will agree. I like to share knowledge and information. So I will do that as well. But irrespective of the topics, I must say welcome, I hope you enjoy, and I hope you find my blog useful. Thanks, Brian


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